100% vegan materials

The problem of extensive livestock farming

From Kosen we want to be respectful with the planet and we cannot be so by avoiding our responsibility. According to the estimates of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the livestock sector is responsible for almost 15% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire global transport sector.

There is a direct relationship between livestock and deforestation.

It is estimated that there are one billion cows in the world and, of course, they need a lot of space. Today, 30% of the world’s total surface area is occupied by livestock, and it seems that this is not enough to maintain current meat consumption. Millions of trees are being cut down daily, with the aim of converting jungles and forests into land for livestock. Greenpeace estimates that 80% of the deforestation of the Amazon is attributed to the livestock sector.

It generates water shortages. To produce one kilo of meat, about 15,000 liters of water are needed. And fresh water is scarce in some parts of the planet. That’s why the United Nations is warning that the irrigation and water storage system must be rationalized immediately.

The gases from the cows contaminate. Each cow emits between 70 and 120 kilos of methane per year in the form of gases. The problem is not with these ruminants but with the current system for feeding them which has caused them to have slower digestion and produce a greater amount of methane.

Our vegan skins

Our vegan hides have been developed from a technical fabric based on a high quality microfiber, which reproduces the characteristics of natural cowhide. The result is a product that is water resistant, highly breathable, antibacterial, washable, lightweight, ecological and highly resistant, even against chemical agents.

The interior lining, also developed from microfiber with a leather feel, is 100% breathable and has an absorption capacity of 8 times its weight in water. With its thermoregulatory effect it offers maximum comfort and total drying. Sweat does not accumulate inside the footwear, but rather the fabric favours its evaporation so that the foot is always kept dry.

They are ecological. Our vegan leathers have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, which is the world’s leading eco-label for textile products. These products have been evaluated and certified by internationally recognized institutes. Furthermore, with this certification, the consumer is assured that the textile products have been tested for harmful substances.