The Kosen Shoes have been created with the objective that whoever wears them is up to 7 cm higher without giving up an ounce of comfort. To achieve this goal, all our models have been developed from scratch, from specific lifts and lasts.

We have realized that, among men of smaller stature, it is more common than it seems to put ups or wedges under the insole of any shoe to look taller. The problem is that this shoe has not been developed for the new position of the foot within it and this causes significant imbalances that result in an obvious impairment of comfort. The misalignments can be:

  • The heel does not stay in the place it would touch, causing scratches in the upper part of it and in the Achilles tendon.
  • The instep of the foot presses and, therefore, rubs and expands the tongue, lace and ears of the shoe. The result? Discomfort and deformities in the shoe.
  • Internal and external malleoli are left unprotected when the foot of the shoe protrudes more than expected.


The process begins with the sketch of the design we want to produce, to which we assign a few centimeters of height to achieve the effect of Kosen. Then we create the last modeled from 3D technology and which is developed in line with the centimeters of rise selected for each of the models.

This process ensures that the final shoe is optimally adjusted to the new position required by the foot to sit properly on top of the lift and thus provide greater height without compromising comfort.


All our shoes have been manufactured according to the standards of traditional Spanish manufacturing. In particular our models with leather soles are sewn according to the Blake Welted process, a common technique in the manufacture of quality footwear. It consists of a single seam that joins all the pieces together, from underneath the insole through the shoe cut to the sole.

This joining procedure provides greater resistance and durability, especially if we compare this process with the gluing of the different pieces, which is simpler and cheaper and therefore more common today. The resulting shoe is lighter and more flexible providing, unlike other techniques, immediate comfort.

Another advantage of the Blake stitching is that it allows the sole to be easily replaced when the original leather sole has worn out.

With the aim of increasing comfort, Kosen shoes also incorporate a vegetable tanned leather padded insole that we place on top of the rise, the result translates into a more pleasant sensation when walking.