Elevator shoes

Kosen Shoes have been created with the aim of making the wearer up to 7 cm taller without compromising on comfort. To achieve this goal, all of our models have been developed from scratch, based on specific heights and lasts.

We have noticed that, among shorter men, it is more common than it seems to wear lifts or wedges under the insole of any shoe in order to appear taller. The problem is that the shoe has not been developed for the new position of the foot inside the shoe and this causes significant misalignments that result in an obvious impairment of comfort. The misalignments can be:

The heel does not sit where it should, causing chafing on the top of the heel and the Achilles tendon.

The instep of the foot presses against and therefore rubs against and expands the tongue, the lacing and the ears of the shoe. The result? Discomfort and shoe deformities.

The inner and outer malleoli are unprotected as the foot protrudes from the shoe more than expected.

When Kosen Shoes was born we had only one goal in mind, to increase the self-esteem of those who would like to be taller without compromising the aesthetics of the shoe. To achieve this goal we offer high quality fashion products which have been specially designed for this purpose.

A real need

63% of the world’s population would like to be taller and Kosen Shoes was born to make this dream come true.

How do we increase our height?

After hours of design, R&D and months and months of testing Kosen Shoes, we have come up with a complete collection of shoes of the highest quality and amazing comfort that increase height by up to +7cm.

We have placed great emphasis on comfort, using the best quality materials and reducing the weight as much as possible, achieving a collection of light, discreetly tall and durable shoes.

To achieve the height increase in a discreet way we have designed with 3D technology a special last allowing the insertion of a higher than usual sole and insole with a lift in between. We have also modified the design of the heel and instep, increasing the height so that the ankle is perfectly supported. Thanks to this revolutionary interior design, we have achieved the discreet exterior design that Kosen Shoes is known for.

As soon as you try Kosen Shoes you will feel a new sensation in your life, adopting a different view of everything around you and increasing your personal self-esteem.

Another benefit of Kosen Shoes is that you appear slimmer due to the proportion of height and width, helping you to maintain a slimmer figure.