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Oxford Black 7 cm

Crece 6 cm con la máxima discreción y comodidad con los revolucionarios zapatos con alzas 100% veganos y sostenibles.




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  1. José Ignacio

    El pedido llegó en la fecha prevista. Los zapatos son bonitos, la superficie imita perfectamente la piel natural y parece mentira que sea microfibra. Puestos son muy cómodos desde el primer instante a pesar del alza.

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All the waterproofness and breathability of leather in a microfiber

Microfiber suitable for use as an outer material, water resistant and breathable. It reproduces the characteristics of natural cowhide in a microfiber. It is an antibacterial, washable, light, ecological and highly resistant product, even against chemical agents. In addition, it allows direct injection of the sole on the material and high-frequency marking or stamping.


Why we chose this microfiber

Leather feel, microfiber quality, 100% healthy

New microfiber developed with a leather-like feel, 100% breathable and with an absorption capacity of 8 times its weight in water. Perfect as an inner lining for footwear. With its thermo-regulating effect it offers maximum comfort and total drying. Sweat does not accumulate inside the shoe, but the fabric favors its evaporation so that the foot is always dry.


Why we chose this microfiber

Recycled fabrics

PET recycling comes mainly from PET plastic bottles that are collected from containers distributed throughout the country. Once this plastic is collected, it is sorted and shredded, resulting in the manufacture of the yarn to subsequently obtain the recycled fabric.

Why invest in recycled PET?

PET fabrics and synthetics have the same technical performance as virgin PET but have a lower environmental impact. The energy required for their production is lower and therefore the use of petroleum and CO2 emissions in the processing of raw materials are reduced. By consuming recycled PET products you collaborate with a RE-consumption and reduce the aggressions to the environment. In addition, our sustainable fabrics are also vegan fabrics. Certified by INESCOP.

Global awareness, PET recycling

Due to the pollution generated by fashion and the fast turnover of the sector, fashion is obliged to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have sustainable fabrics, made from 100% recycled fibers. We give new life to textile waste and PET bottles, and we develop fabrics made of recycled cotton and recycled polyester, which comply with the most demanding regulations. We have the VEGAN certificate from INESCOP, which certifies that our articles have no animal fibers. Our recover items are free of harmful substances and exceed ZDHC and Reach Compillance recommendations. In 2017 recover has saved over 43.1 billion liters of water, over 60.7 million kg of CO2 emissions, over 156 million kWh of energy, recycled over 2.9 million kg of textile waste, recycled 4.4 million post-consumer PET bottles, saved over 3.2 million kg of toxic chemicals and saved over 7.2 million m2 of landfill space. Our products offer retail brands and textile manufacturers a closed-loop solution for managing their textile waste.
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