Handmade in Spain

Currently, about 90% of the world’s footwear is produced in Asia. The shoe manufacturing industry takes advantage of the low production costs involved in manufacturing in some areas of that continent. In most cases workers in this industry are exploited like machines. The risks to which they are exposed include precarious wages, long working hours, and poor safety in their factories.

In the case of Kosen, our shoes are manufactured in a craft workshop located in Spain, the cradle of the manufacture of quality men’s shoes. It has years of experience and it is run by qualified shoemakers from all over the world, where they develop their activity in a sustainable way.

We are proud to say that we collaborate with a family workshop where the craftsmen really love the work they do. In this way, we also promote local industry, reducing transport distances and, even more importantly, we are avoiding the dangerous effects of chrome on the shoemakers and also on the environment.