Add 5 cm to your height

The 1st vegan sneakers to grow 5 cm, appear thinner, increase your self esteem, improve your cervical position and reduce your neck and back pain

Add 5 cm to your height

Did you think it's just about the height?

Appears thinner due to the height/width ratio and relieves neck and back pain due to the elimination of weight from the base of the spine

We are vegan & sustainable

We don’t use animal leather and our shipments are carbon neutral

Jose Luis Prieto
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They are very comfortable and light. It is surprising how well they adapt to the foot even if they wear risers. highly recommended
José Ignacio
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The order arrived on the scheduled date. The shoes are beautiful, the surface perfectly imitates natural skin and it seems incredible that it is microfiber. Positions are very comfortable from the first moment despite the rise.
Miguel Pérez
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I have only been able to do a test with a size 40 that was very tight for me and I am hoping and wishing that there is a stock of 41. I have shoes and boots with elevators from other brands and I can assure you that I have tried them, in my opinion they are the better by far, they adapt like a glove to the foot and are super cool and very comfortable when walking

We don't say it, our clients do

The happiness of our clients is our main goal, we do the best for your best experience


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